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Gauntlet GTS

The Gauntlet GTS is an ideal solution for pressure testing up to 30000psi on all tubulars, sub, downhole tools and valve work. It is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for on-site and offshore testing, even in cramped areas.

Composed of layered para-aramid (Kevlar/Twaron) woven fibre material, 10x stronger than steel, ensures that your personnel and equipment are well-protected.

Easy to install, with bespoke designs which can be configured to meet your particular needs, Gauntlet GTS eliminates the need for a test bay or cordoned-off testing area.


Gauntlet GTS - Hydrostatic Testing Protection

The Gauntlet GTS is a Gauntlet designed specifically for mobile and workshop hydrostatic pressure testing up to 30,000psi. It has been applied for use as a downhole tool and subs testing containment device, allowing for field or workshop testing without the need to worry about containment in the case of a test equipment failure.

Pressure Testing


Arriving in its own offshore carry-all, the Gauntlet GTS can be deployed in minutes so you can get to pressure testing in a secure environment without any time wasted.

Most units for subs or downhole tool testing weigh less than 10kg and can be installed by one person without any need for special tools or training.


Eliminate Test Bays

Bespoke test bays are expensive to build, maintain, and certify. The Gauntlet GTS eliminates the need for a test bay, saving you time and money and allowing your area resource to be used for other purposes when not testing. 

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