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Kevlar Termal Performance Graph 2.png

The concept for the Gauntlet came from Inventor and Infinity co-founder Andrew Mackay's discussions and work with Total and Shell through 2011-2013. Survey and categorisation of degraded actuators and other stored energy systems led to the realisation that a solution was required which wasn't just another metallic clamp or encapsulation. Using his aerospace background and extensive experience of un-contained failures on aero-derivative gas turbines, the idea for a Kevlar based solution soon became the key element to the concept of the Gauntlet.

GA Double Bag.png

Supported by Total and Maersk Oil, the concept was developed with the aid of the OGTC and Scottish-Enterprise, following a strict technical qualification programme with Lloyd's Register. Finite Element Analyses (FEA) and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) were performed to establish the parameters for the various elements of the Gauntlet. Design was finalised in 2018 for promotion to prototyping phase of the project.

FEA Geometry.png

First protoypes had various design features and safety indicators trialled before settling on the final design. Prototypes were made and assembled for fitment trials and testing. This occurred during 2018-19 where several trials and iterations of design and design elements led to a final prototypes which were submitted for 3rd party testing programme.

Testing gun1.jpg

Testing was performed at a certified MOD ballistics test facility with both air powered guns and gun powder cannons. These facilities are normally used for testing of high calibre guns and ammunition for MOD developments as well as bullet-proof vests for both military and policing clients. Testing took place over the year with final V50 strength quantified and layering algorithms determined.

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