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Infinity Oilfield Services Limited has been serving the Oil&Gas and Energy sectors since 2002. We started out in gas turbine services and expanded in 2011 into offshore maintenance services in drilling and topsides equipment. While providing inspection services on Total and Shell platforms, we saw a need for the Infinity Gauntlet, an approved, tested, patented safety device for degraded stored-energy actuators. We developed the Gauntlet in conjunction with the OGTC, Scottish-Enterprise, Lloyd's Register and support from our clients Total and Shell.

As of March 2020, we have sold Gauntlets into multiple clients in the North Sea including two super-majors.

Of course we couldn't have done it without our development partners...

Technical Qualification
OGTC logo.png
The Oil and Gas Technology Centre

Lloyd's Register were invaluable for their guidance and technical input throughout the Technical Qualification process. We continue to rely on them for further developments.

Maersk Oil (Total)

Maersk Oil were the development partners during the initial phases, prototyping and trials. Now part of Total E&P, they have continued to support the Gauntlet with sales for two platforms.

We are not alone in being supported to a huge degree by The OGTC who's enthusiasm and input really made the Gauntlet a reality.

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Marks&Clerks Intellectual Property

World-wide patent pending requires specialist advice - Marks&Clerks made things look easy where IP protection is concerned. World-wide protection is in place for the Gauntlet and developments are to be covered as well.

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