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You're in good company, super-major and major operators have bought and installed Infinity Gauntlets on operational assets in the North Sea.

With thousands of degraded actuators in severely degraded conditions across the UKCS, some having passed their design life by 30 years or more, responsible operators are taking action by installing Gauntlets before improvement or prohibition notices force their hands.

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"This device is absolutely essential for risk mitigation where we have a degraded valve actuator that has a significant amount of stored energy in the compressed spring.  There is uncertainty in the underlying condition of the assembly structure, even when the actuator is in its most relaxed state, there is still compression in the internal spring that could release. Therefore, the quick turnaround that is offered by Infinity makes this solution an excellent choice for the industry, not just us.  The issues around these degraded actuators have high consequence and having this time-critical solution helps maintain safe operations offshore, reduces potential major accident hazards in the form of projectiles, furthermore it reduces the risk of an incident through shipping and safe disposal of the degraded assemblies."

North Sea major operator, 2020

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