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There's more than one way to protect Key Workers!

From frontline NHS to police and offshore workers - everyone is doing their bit to support these key workers - from working from home to wearing masks.

Offshore Workers are Key Workers too!

So how do Infinity do their bit to keep offshore workers safe? By installing the new Gauntlet degraded actuator safety device where key workers are at risk - fromthe sudden and catastrophic uncontained failure of degraded spring loaded stored energy actuators.

Theoretical or Real risk?

Did you know that there has been over a dozen uncontained failures in the North Sea so far that we know of. And these are ones which are severe enough to warrant some sort of published investigation. Many go unreported as anything other than incidents due to the lack of understanding of the dynamic forces present in these stored energy systems, even when "de-commissioned". Tonnes of force can be present and ejection speeds of up to 20m/s have been extrapolated from projectile distance and damage done.

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