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Each Gauntlet is designed to your particular actuator and its environment.

No two installations are the same, however very little dimensional and process information is required and a site survey is optional, keeping your costs to a minimum allowing you to implement the Gauntlet solution at low cost.

Infinity is continually improving and modifying the design for different equipment types, ease of fitment, reduction in weight, and longevity in the field as well as for larger and larger actuators. With 5 topsides models (GS, GD, GL, GLS, GLL) and one Subsea model (GSS) and more to be developed, there is no limit to the applicability and scalability of the Gauntlet.


Certified by LLoyd's Register under a rigorous development and testing programme, the Gauntlet and Gauntlet GTS are built with para-aramid "bullet proof" Kevlar* / Twaron* woven fibre layers to protect personnel and assets from uncontained shrapnel if the actuator or hydrostatic pressure test piece or equipment fails.

Prevention of a potential Major Accident Hazard (MAH) is a key driver in our development process.



The Infinity Gauntlet, specially designed for degraded actuators containment and protection, is a patented safety device (UK patent no. GB2569285).

In fact, Gauntlet is the ONLY certified safety device approved for use on degraded actuators and is the only non-metallic solution on the market. Infinity Gauntlets have even been issued to previously clamped actuators as unlike clamps, Gauntlets do not degrade over time.


Nor do they degrade when exposed to salt spray, moisture, UV light, or heat up to 400ºC. They also protect the actuator from sun, sand, and wind.



The Infinity Gauntlet - the world's only patented, certified actuator safety device. Ensures the safety of plant and personnel from un-contained failures of stored energy actuators due to degradation, whether through corrosion or other factors.

Removing a significant Major Accident Hazard.


Hydrostatic Pressure Test Containment Systems

Gauntlet GTS is a hydrostatic pressure testing system in use for equipment testing up to 30,000psi.

Lightweight and portable, it is a "Test Bed - in - a - Box" useable when and where you need it. 

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Infinity Oilfield Services Limited has been serving the Oil&Gas and Energy sectors since 2002. We started out in gas turbine services and expanded in 2011 into offshore maintenance services in drilling and topsides equipment. While providing inspection services on Total and Shell platforms, we saw a need for the Infinity Gauntlet, an approved, tested, patented safety devide for degraded stored-energy actuators. We developed the Gauntlet in conjunction with the OGTC, Scottish-Enterprise, Lloyd's Register and support from our clients Total and Shell.

As of July 2020, we have sold Gauntlets into multiple clients in the North Sea including two super-majors.



Infinity Oilfield Services Limited

Linton Business Park, Gourdon, Aberdeenshire

Scotland, United Kingdom

DD10 0NH

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