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World First - Subsea Gauntlet

Infinity have delivered the world's first subsea Gauntlet for a degraded chemical injection valve located on a subsea manifold on the seabed in the North Sea, 150km East of Aberdeen. Its the world's first subsea Gauntlet, but it applies the same principles of safety and long-life based on the advanced materials used - Kevlar (TM) / Twaron (TM), and Dyneema (TM). Ten times stonger than steel, lightweight, powerful and with no degradation even in sea water, the Gauntlet is the perfect solution to remove the diver exclusion zone created by the degraded actuator. In this case, the manufacturer indicated to the client that the decommissioned actuator retained approximately 1 tonne of residual force which could fail at any moment and therefore the need to protect divers and nearby equipment from an uncontained failure of the actuator.

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